Today is the Day of examining old photos

The Day of examining old photographs has been celebrated for several years already. This exciting holiday can also be called a Day of memories. Only a journey through one's own memory, made thanks to old, long-forgotten photographs, helps to revive some moments of our life: funny and sad, important or stick in one’s memory by chance. Nowadays, only a few people print photographs, so the memories of recent years are mainly stored on electronic media.

The museum Collection section "Photographs" features unique photographs of the last third of the 19th - early 20th centuries. The main body of the section is comprised by the photographs dedicated to the “peculiarities and ethnic types” of the Caucasus. A variety of nationalities, genre scenes reflecting the life and daily routine of this region, picturesque landscapes, settlements, architectural monuments, historical and natural attractions.

Along with scenic photographs, the section "Photographs" features a series of photoes of the Russian ballet and theater artists, portraits of actors and actresses, opera singers and scenes from their performances.
The photographs of the Romanov House Imperial Family members hold a specific place in the exposition. Professional photographers (K. Bergamasco, S. Levitsky, K. Bulla, co-owner of the photo studio “K.E. von Hahn and Co.” --  A. Yagelsky not only created portraits of the sovereigns, but also covered their public life ...

Viewing and examining requires special skills. One can flip through a photo album many times, and only for the 100th time understand something mysterious and important. Photos can transfer us to the bygone time or remind us of certain events. Moreover, old photographs, which depict unfamiliar places or strangers, touch our hearts and make us dream of something fascinating. 

Who said that a time machine does not exist? Today is just a proper time for opening your family albums or examine the section “Photographs” on the museum Collection website.
Moreover, we have pasted a thematic photo album and an album of photographs by Karl Fischer to mark the Day of examining old photos.

A story about the Russian photographer Dmitri Yermakov is posted in the column "Audio Stories".

Interesting facts from the history of photography:

  • Today we are taking an incredible amount of photos. It is estimated that in two minutes as many pictures are taken in the world as all of humanity took in the entire 19th century.

  • The vastness of the Internet is awash with pictures of funny and cute cats. This trend is not as new as it seems. The first fan of taking pictures of adorable pets was Briton Harry Pointer, and he was engaged in this "cat art" back in the 1870s. He was also the first person to sign pictures: "Happy New Year", "Bring lunch", etc.

  • The first color photo in our country was published on the pages of the "Notes of the Russian Technical Society". It depicts Leo Tolstoy.

  • Renowned American photographer Matthew B. Brady took the first selfie.