Musical selection "Glorious autumn, frosty nights, clear, quiet days ..."

October is the the crest of autumn ... Calm, sun-drenched days are replaced by unexpectedly windy storms and damp dank rains, from time to time the sun peeps out again. As the common folk used to say - "in the fall, seven weathers are changing". If the sun is shining, then the day is clear and pure. The yellow deciduous forest shimmers beautifully against the background of the cool blue-sky purity. Moreover, if the day is rainy, then the gloomy day is illuminated by the dullness of autumn sadness. The air is no longer as warm as in September; the sunrays beginning from the second half of the month are colder and colder. The daytime temperature approaches the cold nighttime period, the soil dries out less and less often from frequent rains, and the average air temperature in October is dropping lower and lower. It gets dark much earlier, and the duration of daylight hours decreases noticeably. By the end of October, the first snow falls, but because of the still  lukewarm ground, it melts rather quickly ...

Wet leaves that not are still on the trees, under the first wet snow fall faster from the trees. Wet snow crunches branches, tears off the last surviving leaves. No more cumulus clouds are seen from this day, and dusk comes earlier. Day quicker turns into night. We are a little sad these autumn days since the autumn will not last long, and then the cold time will come...

We invite you to listen to the musical selection "Glorious autumn, frosty nights, clear, quiet days ...", which features musical compositions by Anton Rubinstein for piano ("Stone Island", "an album of 24 portraits" and "Barcarole" No.5 in A minor, Opus 93). In addition, there are variations of Clara Wieck *** in F minor, Opus 14 (Schumann, Sonata No.3, part 3)

* Nikolay Nekrasov "Glorious Autumn"
** written approximately in 1853-1854 and published in 1855
*** Clara Josephine Wieck Schumann (1819-1896) - German pianist, composer and teacher. One of the most prominent pianists of the Romantic era. Since 1840 - wife and the first performer of works by Robert Schumann