Congratulations to the Museum of Moscow on its 125th anniversary!

The Museum of Moscow is one of the oldest in the city - we are marking its 125th anniversary in 2021. Over the years, the museum has changed its place of residence and its name several times, but the interest in the city, its history and contemporaneity has remained unchanged.

We congratulate our colleagues – those who work in the Museum and friends of the Museum of Moscow on the anniversary and sincerely wish new interesting projects, creative inspiration and success in their unique educational work, inexhaustible creative potential, peace and joy!

There are many different museums in Moscow, but only one of them is completely dedicated to the history of the capital itself. The main exposition has changed over the years. Thus, in 1935, it was dedicated to a large-scale reconstruction of the capital in accordance with the General Layout*. In 1947, Moscow celebrated its 800th anniversary, and an exhibition dedicated to the history of the city was organised for this date. 40 years later, in 1987, the complex itself became known as the Museum of the Moscow city history.

Today, the exposition of the Museum of Moscow covers all stages of the city development and even get a glimpse of its future. Currently, the museum is located on the territory of the Provision Warehouses**. About a million people visit the Museum of Moscow every year. It is included in the top of the most popular museums in the capital. The museum has become the main center of local history, narrating about the life of the city at different times and even epochs - about traditions, customs, historical facts associated with Moscow and its inhabitants.

By combining museum repository with contemporary art items, curators create unique exhibitions where visitors can not only get to know the history of the capital better, but also get to know talented artisans and new figures in the art world. Not only exposition is located on the territory of the complex foundations, but also lecture hall and master classes for adults and children are regularly held.

* The first comprehensive plan for the reconstruction of Moscow, in which the historically formed radial-circular structure of the city was combined with the development of new areas, the creation of circular and radial highways. Designed under the guidance of architects V. Semyonov and S. Chernyshev. Approved July 10, 1935
**Provision warehouses - a complex of buildings in the Empire style in Moscow at Zubovsky Boulevard, building 2. One of the few large Moscow public buildings of the 1st half of the 19th century, almost entirely preserved.