New video cycle "Ceramics of Emile Galle". The first part (video)

Tell me where do you come from, Beauty? ..
(C. Baudelaire "Hymn to Beauty")

We invite you to immerse in the world of ceramics by Emile Galle. With the publication of the first part of the video cycle "Ceramics of Emile Galle"*, we are beginning to acquaint you with ceramic works of Emile Galle, stored in the museum "Collection" repository - they are ideal, beautiful and unique.

Emil Galle, famous for the items made from laminated glass, is less known as a ceramist. If in glass the artisan acted as an exponent of the Art Nouveau style, then in ceramics the style of Historicism was predominant. Emile Galle introduced the freedom of handling form and decor to the art of traditional ceramics, expanded the possibilities of working with materials and, most importantly, demonstrated how important the role of the artist's personality in creating a piece of art ceramics is.

Not much is known about ceramics by Galle. Interestingly, the "lineal" factory in Lorraine Saint-Clement, collaborating with the trading company of Charles Galle, the father of the future reformer of 19th century art glass, was originally the enterprise producing earthenware tableware. Moreover, in 1863, when Émile Galle started working at this factory, his first independent work was the creation of sketches for the decoration of ceramic products at the Saint-Clement factory. Galle preferred to work with earthenware, creating objects for various purposes - from dinner sets to peculiarly shaped vases, caskets and figurines.

*The entire cycle "Ceramics by Emile Galle" is comprised of five parts.