Musical selection "August smells like mown grass, ripe apple, buckwheat honey…"

August smells like mown grass
Ripe apple, buckwheat honey,
Dark blooming water
In a small pond behind the garden.
The month before the beginning of September,
Leaves are already circling above the ground.
By fall, wheat fields hurry to fill up with gold.
August will cache away summer,
So that on a winter twilight evening,
Apple Feast of the Saviour might blew apple smell head-on,
The warmth of the sun might embrace the shoulders.

Boris Pasternak

The final month of summer - August got its name from the Latin word "augustus" and means - "divine, dignified". The month is named after the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus. The name of the month "August" came to Russia from Byzantium. August is "crimson summer", its "crown" and "sunset", a boundary between summer and autumn, the time of seeds and cobwebs. It opens the completive page of the summer. The days are still bathing us in honey colors, and the nights are already smelling of the approaching autumn freshness. In August daylight hours gradually begin to decrease, the evening dawns go out earlier, twilight lengthens, dew thickens, rivers and ponds gradually cool in fogs. The sun is hiding behind the clouds with increasing frequency. Gradually the nights are becoming cooler, and during the day the heat is slackening.

The month of rains and "stellar showers" is the final summer month. The days are getting shorter, the first gold appears in the foliage, and so the thin line between summer and autumn is sometimes felt rather clearly. The second half of August is not yet autumn, but it is not summer either. Nature is still replete with colors, but slowly from the second half of the month it begins to fade, giving way to the coming autumn. Nature seems to calm down, as if before the storm. The birds fall silent. Young growth in the forest has already completely gained in strength, and adults by autumn begin to cast their coats. The animals in the forest are starting to store winter supplies. Leaves gradually are colouring in autumn tints, a thin birch tree drops its first leaf. It drizzles from time to time. The nights are getting cool and long; dew falls, thick fog spreads in the morning.

Of course, it is a little sad to let summer go! Soon all nature will flash red and orange, copper and ocher, there will be a lot of wind and tender autumn light. There will be outgoing warmth - with soft undertones. The month has already passed its peak and takes the shining summer season with it. Many of us sadly remember how we waited for warm summer days, how we rejoiced in them, and now they are already behind and will return to us after a long period of autumn and winter, and only the first signs of spring will set us up for a new meeting with summer. Let us not feel blue, and welcome autumn and its golden splendor with inspiration listening to the sounds of musical compositions in our new selection: "August smells of mown grass, ripe apple, buckwheat honey ...".