Joint project of "Ornamika" - the open digital archive and museum Collection

The biggest open digital achieve and laboratory of ornaments "Ornamika" published analytical article "Russian style in enamels of the late 19th – 20th centuries", which narrates about the formation of a new national-romantic stylistics, including the origins of the "Russian style" inspired by the "pre-Peter" culture and folk daily routine. Photos of the items from the museum Collection exposition of Russian enamel serve as vivid illustrations for this article. These are items created by the leading enterprises of the Russian Empire at that time – Pavel Ovchinnikov, Ivan Khlebnikov, Feodor Rückert. They are the samples of intricate enamel with rich color palette, made in a variety of techniques.

The article describes in detail how the artistic ideas and principles of Russian culture were embodied in enamel, tells about the types and techniques of enamel - their differences and key features.

We sincerely thank the “Ornamika” team for the project implementation and invite you to plunge into the multicolored world of Russian enamels.