Chamber exhibition "Ballad about Glass" timed to Emil Galle anniversary (video)

Museum Collection presents a new thematic exhibition “Ballad about Glass” that is timed Emile Galle anniversary. This is a chamber exhibition dedicated to one of the iconic masterpieces created by the prominent artisan - a nine-piece liqueur set, the decor of which contains references to the Gothic style. Such multi-subject sets comprise separate and significant milestone in the artist's creative work. Each set was dedicated to a separate theme, was produced in a single edition and to the full demonstrated the highest level of the master's artistic talent and his masterful proficiency of glass production technologies. The extensive and varied collection of works by Emil Galle, built up by David and Mikhail Iakobachvili, features seven liqueur sets, decorated in different styles. The set on display with decorative the Gothic style decorative elements is a shining example of the boundless creative freedom of the artist, who flawlessly mastered not only a variety of glass-making techniques, but boldly interpreted the plots and forms of different historical eras as well.

“We have built up a vast collection of works by Emile Galle. We have realized several projects for the 175th anniversary of the master, notices David Iakobachvili, founder of the museum Collection. “Art book featuring the images of Emil Galle masterpieces was published, a product range of branded souvenirs and printed matter was produced, thematic videos and photo albums were posted. Musical concert-installation "Emile Halle: Vivified Glass" was held in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in partnership with the Belcanto Charitable Foundation. Now, in the midst of summer, in July - hot and abundant with wild grasses month that was lyricized by the artist, we present a chamber exposition dedicated to a masterpiece by the French glassmaker. "

This set was created by Emile Galle in the 1880-1890s and is a direct reference to the Historicism, the dominant style that prevailed among other art styles at the turn of the century. In addition to its characteristic shape, each of the items in the service is decorated with relief polychrome plot images and lines from François Villon's poem "Ballade of Ladies of Time Gone By" (Ballade des dames du temps jadis), with artistically designed female images inscribed in original monogrammed initial caps. Decanters and glasses made of transpicuous glass are decorated with voluminous relief belt comprised of heraldic lilies (fleur de Lis), and the tray is decorated with polychrome enamel composition depicting two Lorraine orchids growing from one shoot.

“The exhibition is really peculiar and unusual. Formally, this is one exhibit. At the same time, we see a full-fledged and multi-figured set, each of which has its own message and artistic idea encrypted”, - notes the curator of the exhibition Maria Zorkina. “There are very few similar historical rarities left. Actually, therefore, the architectural design of the exposition was aimed at emphasizing the uniqueness and singularity of this exhibit. In case we, following Emile Galle, turn to the foggy times of the Middle Ages, we would like to immerse our viewers in the mesmerizing atmosphere of a Gothic treasury that keeps its secret. The longer we studied this service, more questions emerged. Impeccable in form and at the same time so unusual, defiantly strange in decor ... What was that? ... A special order of Gothic images amateur or a subtle joke of the great dreamer Galle, when "legs-arms-swords-ladies" live separately and only guided by his logics and dynamics, appear on glasses and decanters? Why was this relatively unknown ballad of the 15th century selected for the plot, with all the abundance of historical material- renowned and popular at that period? Moreover, the laconic form of medieval silver wine goblets, which turned out to be organic when realized in translucent liqueur glasses ... "Ballad about Glass", which reflects several centuries at once with its own special rhythm, metaphors and encrypted messages.

The online opening of the exhibition  "Ballad about Glass"  is scheduled for July 21; thematic excursions will start from July 22, 2021.