Musical selection "Summer mood melodies" in our Music Library *

The long-awaited summer has come at last. What do most people associate it with? First of all, with lightness, freshness, pleasant aromas of blooming nature and subtle perception of changes that are just around the corner. Everybody is eager to lift spirits of those who are nearby and enjoy every passing moment to the full. There is no need to wait for it, but simply set the mood yourself. Music is the most powerful inciter of our emotions. Summer melodies should not be sad or distressing. We are expecting changes for the better from this season. Summer always means motion and a change of scenery ger everybody. Music will vocalize the way to work, travelling, vacation, unexpected meeting with old friends and, of course, will adorn new acquaintances. Our musical selection is compiled from the pieces on the verge of romantic melancholy, in some places even regretting for a loss, hence with optimistic modulations and hopes for the brightest future. It is always like this – we are striving forward. In this music, everyone will hear his own summer, since there is a thunderstorm, the murmur of streams and the rustle of thick greenery. Even the summer heat has its own tune.

Among all, it is in summer that one is rather often eager to dance or sing hey nonny-nonny. Accordingly, a great quantity of songs about summer were composed. We have selected for you the compositions that will indulge everyone.

We have included the song "In the Mood" by American bandleader Glen Miller and his orchestra in the selection. It sounded in the movie "Serenade of the Sun Valley" and in 1983, a single by Glen Miller and his orchestra with this song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

“It didn't take me long to say I'm in the mood now – are the words in this song

Musical selection "Summer mood melodies" is in our Music Library *


* Item from the museum exposition is on the cover: “Singing bird snuffbox”
Switzerland, Geneve. Circa 1850
Bruguier, Charles-Abraham (The Senior)