World Piano Day

Piano Day is the annual festival of piano music founded by a group of like-minded to the German composer Nils Frahm.* It is organized all over the world every 88th day of the year - according to the number of keys on the piano. The aim of the festival is to create a platform for piano-related projects - promotion, development and the exchange of centuries-old experience in the art of playing piano. Primarily, this holiday is needed to honor the instrument itself and all those associated with it - performers, composers, piano makers, tuners and, most importantly, listeners. Festivals, concerts, master classes are held in various parts of the world, author's music sounds.

In 2021, World Piano Day is held, in particular, at the Central House of Architects. In addition, on March 28, 2021, within the framework of the World Piano Day, the Belcanto Foundation initiates performance of the composition "Canto Ostinato" by the brightest representative of European minimalism Simeon ten Holt (1923-2012) in Multimedia Art Museum. The composer, having abandoned the radical avant-garde, developed his own unique style of pure, meditative minimalism. His music is euphonic, free from jazz and ethnics, sounding close to the compositions of European romanticism. Compositions by Holt works are comprised of "sections" based on simple measures that alternate, repeat, and overlap. It is in this style, called the "genetic code" by the composer, that his most famous and frequently performed work "Сanto Ostinato" (1976) was written. It was first performed in 1979 and since then in Holt's homeland, in the Netherlands; it has been performed almost weekly in various places - from prestigious concert halls and famous cathedrals to railway stations - and in a wide variety of compositions. This freedom is already inherent in the structure of the composition. In a sense, "Canto Ostinato" is a song without end. It consists of 106 "cells", and the number and order of their repetition depends on the performers. "Stubborn Song" can sound from one and a half to 24 hours, which in spite of all the seeming composition simplicity poses rather challenging tasks for the musicians.

Four grand pianos most often perform this phenomenally popular musical piece. However, the author did not restrict freedom of choice here either. For example, in 2020 "Canto Ostinato" was performed by a string quartet. Solo performances on the harp, organ, marimba are also known.

The third decade of March musical events have already become a good tradition around the world.

* Nils Frahm (born 20 September 1982) is a German musician, composer, and record producer. He is known for combining classical and electronic music and for an unconventional approach to the piano in which he mixes a grand piano, upright piano, Roland Juno-60, Rhodes piano, drum machines, and Moog Taurus.