Musical selection for the 115th birth anniversary of Klavdiya Shulzhenko - the legend of the time

Today we mark the 115th birth anniversary of the Soviet pop singer, theater and film actress Klavdiya Shulzhenko. The singer's repertoire is comprised of more than 250 songs, including such well-known hits as "Blue Scarf", "Let's Smoke", "Friends-fellow soldiers", "When with direct and tender glance ..." and "Andryusha". Klavdiya Shulzhenko had a peculiar, carefully thought-out image for each song - with gestures and facial expressions, intonations and even with stage props. The singer became a zeitgeist. The unpretentious songs that she performed became signature stories, animated by castanets, a bunch of letters, a lilac branch, or a blue handkerchief that soared over the stage and "fell from stooping shoulders".

Klavdiya Ivanovna went through the whole war in special entertainment units - she went to trenches, hospitals, sang for soldiers. After her performances, as warriors recalled - our soldiers launched attacks so desperately that it was impossible to stop them. The singer gave hundreds of concerts in the lines of the Great Patriotic War, and her "Blue Scarf" became a symbol of the future Victory. Shulzhenko managed to capture and convey the charm of this unpretentious song to the soldiers ache for home.

For the anniversary of the singer, we have prepared a musical selection of the songs that she performed. All of them are well known to the audience that recollect and are fond of her for the humane songs in which she put her whole heart and soul. She sang about love, life, friendship ...

"Popular, beloved, unforgettable... " - these are the words which they addressed Klavdiya Shulzhenko.