Musical selection dedicated to the 165th birth jubilee of Mattia Battistini in our musical Library

Mattia Battistini - Italian opera singer, baritone followed the so-called school of "sweet" singing, maestro of bel canto.

The voice of Battistini was a singular one, one-of-a-kind - it was distinctive among baritones. It embodied everything that marked an outstanding vocal phenomenon: two full octaves, with good capacity of smooth, equally mellow tone throughout the entire sounding range – fluxional, mosso, saturated with generous energy and inner warmth. Voice of Battistini carried an abyss of charm in itself: it was melodious in itself. Since 1881, Mattia Battistini permanently toured, performing in the major opera houses around the world. Everywhere rapture and praises of prominent European critics accompanied him. Everybody gave him complimentary epithets, such as:  "Maestro of all maestros of Italian bel canto", "Alive perfection", "Miracle of vocalism", "The King of baritones" and many other equally sonorous titles!

From 1892, he was touring in various towns of Russia, where he was immediately recognized as absolute protagonist of the opera stage and where he spent 23 theatrical seasons, becoming a favorite singer of Russian Emperors and aristocracy. In Russia, he was called both "the king of baritones, and "the baritone of kings”.

For the 165th birthday of Mattia Battistini, we have prepared a selection of opera roles performed by the best Italian baritone.