The exhibit in details: Guéridon (Epergne) with singing bird (video)

The term Guéridon has several meanings - it means both, a type of furniture and a servingware item, in other words, it is a round table one-legged table and a refined multi-tiered vase for setting a festive table.

Today we will present you the uncommon table-setting item, made by the famous French master Blaise Bontems circa 1890, the so-called "Guéridon", which consists of a vertical rod with three plates of different diameter, placed one above the other forming a pyramid.

As a rule, candied fruits were laid out on the largest bottom plate, on the second one - pastry (small petits four), and on the top smallest saucer - a singular amazing dainty that had just appeared to Russia - sweets.

A musical movement is mounted inside decorative stand ornamented with antique patterns, four miniatures from Sevres porcelain, featuring romantic scenes are on the sides. The composition of three crystal plates, made in the form of a flower with delicately shaped roundy petals, is crowned with a pineapple top – the symbol of prosperity. When the pineapple opens, small mechanical bird appears, which turns its head from side to side and imitates melodic singing.