Online meeting of experts “Paolo Troubetzkoy. 155th birth anniversary"

On February 17, within the framework of the thematic exhibition opening in the museum Collection,  online meeting with the leading experts, studying creative work of P. Troubetzkoy was held. The exhibition is dedicated to the 155th birth anniversary of the prominent sculptor Paolo Troubetzkoy.

D.M. Iakobachvili – the museum Collection founder, collector, philanthropist;
I.F. Krasnikova - Chief Specialist of the Sculpture Department (the Tretyakov Gallery);
M.G. Talalay - associate employee (Institute of General History under the Russian Academy of science), historian, researcher of the Russian Diaspora, author of books and catalogues about P. Troubetzkoy;
L.A. Dementieva - Head of  Art metal department (the State Historical Museum), expert (the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation);
E.V. Karpova - Head of  Sculpture Department (the Russian Museum);
A.A. Gilodo - Advisor to the Director (All Russian Decorative Art museum), expert (the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation);
K.N. Gavrilin – Head of Atr History Department, Professor, Advisor to Rector (Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts);
T.I. Sedova - the author of scientific research "Creative work of P. Troubetzkoy in European art culture of the second half of the 19th - early 20th centuries"
S.A. Churaeva - Art Director (Museum Collection)