Musical selection for the 120th birth anniversary of Arkady Pogodin

Today we are remembering the once famous tenor, Russian variety artist, singer and actor Arkady Pogodin not only in the context of his 120th birth anniversary, but precisely of the fact that the creative activity of the half-forgotten heroes of then-recent time form the musical mosaic, with its peculiar characteristics, the interpenetration of cultures, which we value so highly nowadays. The museum Collection mission is not only to preserve the musical works recorded on various musical media, hence to pilot active study, research and educational activity.

We bring to your attention new musical compilation, comprised of the pre- and post-war songs performed by Arkady Pogodin recorded from the gramophone record released by the Aprelevka Record Plant in 1939-1950 and stored in the museum Music Library.

The biography of Arkady Pogodin is in the section "Authors".