Musical selection dedicated to the 265th birth anniversary of W.A. Mozart

One of the most popular classical composers, Mozart wielded major influence on world music culture. According to contemporaries, Mozart had an exceptional ear for music, memory and the ability to improvise. As compared to the composers of the 18th century, Mozart not only worked in all musical forms of his time, but also achieved great success in all musical styles and genres; he belongs to the most significant representatives of the Vienna classical school. The majority of his works are recognized as masterpieces of symphonic, concert, chamber, opera and choral music.

Embodying the characteristic features of the Viennese classical school, Mozart summarized the experience of Italian, French and German cultures, folk and professional theaters, and various opera genres. The Mozart works distinctive character was a combination of various intonations and development methods that were typical for the era, uniquely combined and perceive by the great composer.

Many works of art are devoted to Mozart’s life story - dramas ("Little Tragedies. Mozart and Salieri" by Alexander Pushkin), films ("Amadeus" by Miloš Forman), musicals and rock operas ("Mozart l'Opera Rock" by Albert Cohen and Dove Attia).

Monuments to Mozart were erected in different cities and countries - in Salzburg, Vienna, Seville and others.

For the anniversary of the composer, we have prepared a musical selection comprised of his works recorded on gramophone records that are stored in the museum Collection musical library and digitized on vinyl player.

Biography of WolfgangAmadeus Mozart is in the section  "AUTHORS".