New Year greetings from the museum Collection staff

The museum Collection team wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

Thank you for being with us in 2020. We hope that we will see you very soon in the Museum - in 2021, we are preparing a lot of exciting projects and events for you!

For a festive mood, here are the personal congratulations from the museum Collection founder - David Iakobachvili:

The White Bull comes to replace the White Rat,
Again unforeknowable future attracts us,
My friends, may everyone be healthy!
I wish you a Happy New Year!
May the evil COVID remain in the past,
And the coming day prepares joy for us,
Let our children laugh light-heartedly
And the sun good-naturedly shines in the sky!
Let women caress and cherish us with love,
And men be generous towards everybody,
Let souls begin to see clearly
And let them comfort the suffering creatures!
May dreams, hopes and plans come true,
Let our hearts' membranes sing loudly,
And grief and concern disappear in the deepest depths of the oceans,
Please, read these lines from David
With the chimes sitting at the festive table,
And bethink of the major and holy things in life!