Workshop session "Designing Clocks"

Dear friends, a clock is one of the universally accepted New Year symbols. Do you want to try a hand in watchmaking and create your own unique timepiece inspired by the museum Collection exhibits? We have prepared a Workshop session for the winter holiday, after which everyone will be able to treat the nearest and dearest to an unusual gift, and to be involved in the fascinating process of invention activities as well. We will design uncommon clock with perpetual calendar, signs of the zodiac and moon phases’ indicator! Photo album with the step-by-step guide to the Workshop session "Designing Clocks" and the list of the required materials necessary for this workshop session is in our Photo Gallery.

A step-by-step instruction and the list of required materials:
1. Thick cardboard piece 30x40 with 630 gmdensity
2. Clockwork (HM-16 or HM-18 full drive quartz clock movement)
3. Hands for the clockwork: hour, minute and second
4. Thick tinted or white piece of paper A4
5. Glue gun and glue stick
6. Scissors and stationery knife
7. Pencil, eraser, ruler
8. Paints, brushes, palette
9. Gold, white or silver gel pen (optional)
10. Any decor for adornment (sequins, rhinestones - optional)
11. Stencil with the names of the months and pattern (optional)
First, you need several stencils. See the photos in our photo album. For inspiration, check out the collection section “Clocks and Objects with Movement”.

1. Outline the shape of the clock and its case details on cardboard.
2. Cut out the stencil and aperture for the clockwork.
3. Cut out 4 discs.
Two discs 18 cm in diameter will be the Moon Phase Calendar and the Zodiac Calendar. Disc with the arrow - 12 cm in diameter, will be the Zodiac signs indicator. The dial is 11 cm in diameter.
4. On the first disk (diameter 18 cm) we place 12 or 8 phases Moon phases.
5. In the second disk (diameter 18 cm) we cut the aperture in accordance with the size of the Moon (in our example, the diameter of the Moon is 3 cm) and place 12 Zodiac signs.
6. Further on, we need to mark the dial  with the hours' and minutes' graduations, as desired.
7. Cut two windows for months and weekdays.
8. Cut out two more windows for the month digits.
9. Cut 6 cards 2.8 x 6cm for the names of the months (we write the names on both sides) and 4 cards for the weekdays.
10. Cut 7 cards 2.7 x 4.8 cm for the digits.
11. Color the clock stencil, the disks and the dial, as desired.

The most tough job is over, we have to decorate all elements and assemble the construction.

You can find out the detailed instructions concerning the step-by-step process of designing the clock in the video clip in our INSTAGRAM:

We wish you inspiration and joyful emotions from the pleasantly spent leisure time!