Museum stories: “Christmas table. Decoration and serving” (video)

Today, in the new issue of "Museum Stories", we will speak about the peculiarities of serving and decorating a festive table.

The dinner parties differed from the daily meals not only in the number of guests, but also in abundance of ceremonies. Richly set table is one of the main symbols of the holiday. By Christmas, the great church fast ended, and with it, the restrictions on food finished as well. The decoration of the festive table largely depended on the social status and wealth of the family, but everyone tried to set the table in an exquisite and varied manner.

What was the menu for a Christmas dinner 120 years ago, why was the tablecloth waxed, what dishes were prepared on the Christmas Eve? All this is explained in the first part of our video ”Christmas table. Decoration and serving Christmas”. Above all, we will see how various serving pieces looked and were utilized on examples of silver, glass and crystal items presented in the museum Collection exposition. Moreover, we will find out the applicability of various tableware items and be acquainted with the etiquette governing the setting of a table for a formal dinner in the 19th century.