The museum Collection collaboration with the fragrances Library DEMETER

This year was rather atypical. It made us reconsider so many simple and straightforward things - take a glance on familiar stuff and developments from a different angle, conceive the things that cannot be defined. We present our collaboration with the fragrance Library DEMETER in which we examine the museum Collection exposition from a new angle.

Light. Form. Memory. Movement. Pathway.

We have developed a series of eight aromas-associations related to multifarious sections of the museum Collection repository. The aesthetics of old photographs and postcards, amazing art glass opalescence, the bronze sculptures texture, moving parts of automata dolls, a feeling of a forthcoming long journey ahead, while looking at the ancient maps, and other miraculous associations. All this is expressed in the DEMETER bottles. Before long, we will open up the particularities of each fragrance and introduce you to the collection of our associations.

We wish you a Happy New Year and let you discover this world in a new way and be open to it.

Follow the link and familiarize yourself with five fragrances – the first part of the collection.