“Let's meet the last month of autumn”. Musical selection

November is a month of bright sunsets, birds flying to warm regions, wind songs in pine trees, fragile vulnerability of nature, thin crust of ice and the smell of starched freshness in the early morning....

Autumn becomes more and more silent and thoughtful. The time of late autumn has come - November. The name of the month comes from the Latin numeral "novem", which means "nine". Before the calendar reform of Julius Caesar (Julian calendar), it was the 9th month, that is why it was called so. Fogs are the main feature of the month -- every day in November can be foggy. The ground starts to freeze, but snow does not fall in large quantities yet. All the birds that migrate to southern countries for the winter have already flown away, and the trees are finally getting rid of their leaves. The cold November sun now peeks through the clouds less and less often, it dawns late in November and it gets dark early. A folk proverb says, "November is the gate of winter". There is a change of seasons - the golden enchantress autumn passes her magic wand to the snow-white beauty winter. In November, the winds are rarely harsh and the rain is never completely freezing, as it falls between October's leaf fall and the coming deep freeze in the Northern Hemisphere. It is The winter is getting closer and closer every day. The clouds are low and grey, there is a misty haze in the air, and in the mornings puddles are crusted with ice. Almost the whole of November can be referred to the pre-winter period, and only the last few days are called the beginning of winter. November is the darkest month of the year. At this time, to the short daylight hours, the effect of the absence of snow is also added. When it lies on the ground, it immediately becomes brighter.

Nevertheless, November is beautiful in a special way....
The beauty of fading nature is transparently cool,  with the fragrance of frozen leaves, with openwork first ice on puddles, with fluffy snowflakes. And good music will help to cope with autumn moping.

The musical selection "Let's meet the last month of autumn" is available in the museum Sound Library.

On the cover: Vase with yarrow (milfoil) and mountain-ash branches. Manfred Wild, Emile Becker firm, Germany, Idar-Oberstein. The 20th century.