Music selection "Foxtrots of November" in our Musical Library

One most longs for the return to summer, for the bright emotions of it on cloudy November days, to have some sun, lightness and light. We have prepared for you a cheerful musical selection dedicated to one of the most popular dances of the twentieth century – the foxtrot for this November Weekend.

 The exact origin of the name foxtrot is unknown. But the most popular version connects the name of the dance with the name of Harry Fox, a participant in various shows and vaudeville in the early 20th century. A large dance floor was built on the roof of a cinema house in New York to host the Jardin Danse performance. Harry Fox performed there with his dance group the American Beauties dancing to ragtime music. Particular attention of the audience was drawn to the dancer's original steps, similar to the movement of a horse trot, which was named "Fox's Trot" in honor of its creator. But, having become famous in Europe after the First World War, the dance changed significantly, the slow foxtrot became popular. It is based on smooth, flowing sliding movements with congruence and grace of the dancers.