The final lecture in the cycle "The National cinema score of the Classical period" in the Lecture course (video)

Today, on our traditional lecture day, we publish the recording of  the final lecture in the cycle "The National cinema score of the Classical period". The lecture details the process of the National cinematograph development in the largest republics of the Soviet Union - Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine (since 1923, each Soviet republic was obliged to create its own National full-cycle motion picture studio).

During this period, motion pictures were created that won the hearts of millions of viewers, who stormed the cinemas in droves. New motion pictures were released that were imbued with new ideas and sympathy for people, and the musical score of these films reflected the national and cultural flavor of the young Soviet country. The development of a synthetic form of art - cinema, and mass communication media contributed to the spreading of the national music, increased the number of its performers and listeners, contributed to the combination of folk and professional creativity, giving it new lease of life. The mythologization of reality became an outward shape, behind which the viewer tried to search a brighter future and happy life.

The lecture is accompanied by the musical compositions digitized from musical media stored in the Sound Library of the museum Collection.