Today is the International Music Day

The mightiness of art is most clearly manifested in music.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

International Music Day, celebrated annually on 1 October since 1975, was established at the initiative of the International Music Council (IMC) under UNESCO two years earlier at the 15th General Assembly of the IMC in Lausanne.

Composer Dmitri Shostakovich and Chairman of the International Music Council Yehudi Menuhin were among the initiators of the International Music Day.

The holiday is celebrated annually all over the world by large concert programs, with the participation of the best artists and art groups. On this day, compositions that are included in the treasury of world culture are performed. Meet-the-performers and composers events are held, thematic exhibitions and educational gatherings are organized, which contributes to the goal of spreading music as an art in various communities.

Music has tremendous power. Few people in the world are indifferent to music. Many composers have tried to express through it the state of their mind. Descendants will always pronounce their glorious names with gratitude. Music does not grow old; it will live as long as a human being exists.

To celebrate the International Day of Music, we have prepared a musical selection, which presents masterpieces of world classics, fragments from the Russian and foreign operas, digitized from gramophone records stored in the museum Collection Musical Library. Many of them are familiar to every connoisseur of music - the world paramount art and the humankind universal language. Music give a common ground to people, it allows us to experience similar emotions. It does not matter what language we speak, what color our skin is, what are political commitments or personal attachments and affiliations, music proves that we all are fond of music.