New video clip " Welte Reproducing Pipe Organ restoration” in the section The Museum Life (video)

The organ with the Welte Mignon playback system - the Philharmonic Organ, was built about hundred years ago. It is a unique instrument that can reproduce jazz music as well as, church music and classical stuff. It is working actually on compressed air and electric impulses and it has very special and unique feature – it can play automatically and this is done through a roll-played unit. You have the possibility to choose the tune and the organ plays it automatically. This is made for people who would love to have an organ in their houses but could not play themselves.

After a long and eventful life, the organ needed restoration. In the video clip "Welte PhilarmonicOrgan Restoration”, you will see some details and final cycle of this amazing instrument restoration. The video is accompanied by comments by the consultant-restorer Thomas Jansen.