The section of sculpture dedicated to Nikolay Lieberich reinvention(video)

We continue to complete the museum exposition. Today we are introducing a new author’s block dedicated to the creative work of Nikolay Lieberich, one of the prominent Russian sculptors, academician of the Imperial Academy of Arts, Life Guards colonel.

The work of the Russian sculptor-animalist Nikolay Lieberich (1828-1883) comprised the entire era in the history of Russian bronze statuary. He was a sculptor of the great caliber in the history of Russian art. Many sculptors of the 19th century, working within military, ethnographic and animalistic topics, in many respects sought inspiration from the works of Lieberich. They were Eugene Lanceray, Leonid Pozen and many others. Sculptures of Lieberich turned to be the first works created in Russia that were widely presented at the major exhibitions in Russia and abroad - at the Imperial Academy of Arts, at the World Art and Industrial Exhibitions in London, Vienna and Paris.

Being ingenious and distinctive artist, Nikolay Lieberich developed a unique style in which the traditions of academic art school and his keen perception of nature become entangled.

Video “New author’s block of Nikolay Lieberich” is in the section Museum Life.