Today the next scheduled online tour in the Glass Art Hall will be broadcast on the museum Instagram account

Today at 18:30, the next scheduled online tour will be broadcast on the museum Collection Instagram account. This time it will be held in the hall of Glass Art.

We will talk about art pieces of Russian and Western European decorative art, dating back to the 19th-20th centuries, and will show thematic exhibition "The Museum Recent Acquisitions", which opened in our museum in early March. This exhibition not only acquaints the audience with the number of scientifically and artistically valuable items for the first time, but is a kind of the museum creative report on its activities in the field of research and search for art treasures. Russian and Western European Decorative art items, dating back to the 19th – 20th centuries that enriched the collections of silver, glass and ceramic artworks were selected for display.

By connecting to the broadcast tonight, you will get an idea of the scale and level of development of this decorative art branch. All exhibits are characterized by original design and brilliant work.

Connect to the broadcast in our Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/sobraniemuseum/