Museum Collection joins the online marathon of the Polytechnic Museum "Night (not) in the Museum"

The Polytechnic Museum will start a maraphon on May 16,"Night (not) in the Museum" on all of its digital sites.

According to the organizers’ press release, the Polytechnic Museum greeting will be followed by the journey to the Russian museums from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Several European museums will be the event special guests. The London Museum of Science, the Turin Automobile Museum (Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile) and the Riga Motor Museum (Rīgas motormuzejs) have already confirmed their participation.

The museum Collection joins this marathon as well.

The action will be broadcast on the Polytechnic museum platforms in social networks with more than 100,000 subscribers.

The goal of the project, according to the organizers, is to tell how the museums lived behind locked doors and how they will meet their first visitors. Another goal of the action will be to collect donations in favor of museums and develop traditions of assistance to cultural institutions.

The official hashtags of the action #nightmuseum #nachtmuzeev2020 #museumnight # museumnight2020 #nightmuseum

The official hashtags of the action
#nightmuseum #nachtmuzeev2020 #museumnight # museumnight2020 #nightmuseum