New album for colouring "Spring Flowers" is published on the museum website

New colouring album "Spring Flowers" with the items from the section “Lapidary Works of Art” of the museum Collection exposition is posted on the museum Collection website.

A flower is - a beauty that does not leave anyone indifferent. Flowers give bright and vivid feelings, delight the eye and soul. However, like a great deal of beautiful things in nature, they are short-lived, and their loveliness fades too quickly.

Skilled lapidary art artisans glorify and in precious and ornamental stones these marvelous creations of nature. Flowers of any shape and color are cut out of stone. It is a matter of honor for the master to carve a flower "as if alive" - with leaves, veins, and stamens.

Today we invite you to become acquainted point by point with the objects presented in the Lapidary works of Art section of the museum Collection exposition.

You can color the images you like in accordance with the original piece of art or choose your own color scheme.

Let our new colouring book give you the mood for a sunny spring day.