Musical selection stimulating the spring mood

Spring is a time of renewal and the nascence of a new life. It symbolizes rebirth, renewal, a new daybreak and joyance. Spring gives us vivification, lightness and new strength.

The changes, both controlled and beyond control, occur with us in this period due melting of the dull winter into the long-awaited spring. We are on the verge of worrying at the slightest pretext - that we have to stay at home, and that we will miss something important, that we will do something before it's too late or will not have a chance to meet somebody ...

This year we have unconventional spring incoming: the streets are not crowded, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants are closed, there are no cheerful and noisy companies ... But no self-isolation could cancel the incoming of spring.

Our new musical compilation "The Spring Songs" will bring through all difficulties and stimulate you feel the spring mood and the joy of the nature awakening; support your bold expectations and hopes.