The first Russian Plant producing gramophone records was opened in Aprelevka in 1910

During the first year of its operation (1911), the Plant produced 400 thousand gramophone discs under the brands Metropol and Record. The innovative product instantly flew up to fairs, bazaars, shops and other retail outlets in major towns of the Russian Empire. After the revolution, the department "Soviet record" was established. A swallow, holding a golden note in its beak, which became the symbol of Aprelevka Plant, was adorning the records’ labels in those days.

The heyday of the enterprise fell on the Soviet era. In 1964, a record company “Melody” was created in the USSR, Aprelevka Record Plant was included into its structure.

During the era of "Melody", Aprelevka Plant produced up to 60% of all records in the country. After 1991, the structure of “Melody” began to fall apart. In 1991, when Aprelevka Plant released about 33 million records, it was already operating at a loss. Currently, Aprelevka Plant does not produce records; the last batch was released in 1997.

Gramophone records, gramophones and various rarities, which evidenced the glorious history of the factory, are stored in the museum Collection repository.

For the jubilee date, we have prepared a musical compilation comprised of the songs performed by the famous Soviet singers and recorded from vinyl records that are stored in the museum Collection music library.

The history of Aprelevka Record Plant is in the section“Authors”.