Today we mark the 120th anniversary of Ivan Kozlovsky - the famous Soviet and Russian opera and chamber singer

“There are names in art endowed with some kind of magical power. The mere mention of them evokes the charm of poetry”, according to the famous harpist Vera Dulova, these words can be fully attributed to Ivan Semenovich Kozlovsky - the pride of our national culture. She writes further, “He is always on the lookout. This applies not only to new forms of performance that constantly carry him away, but to the repertoire as well. Those who attend his concerts know that the singer will always perform something new, unfamiliar to his audience so far. Each of his programs is fraught with something unusual. It is like an expectation of a mystery, a miracle...”

Boris Pokrovsky wrote about the great singer: “Ivan Kozlovsky impersonates a bright page in the history of the national opera art. The lyrics of the enthusiastic poet of the opera Tchaikovsky; the grotesque of a Prokofiev prince in love with three oranges; the eternally young beauty contemplator Berendey and the singer of the “distant India of miracles” Rimsky-Korsakov, the radiant envoy of the Grail Richard Wagner; the seductive duke of Mantua Giuseppe Verdi, his troubled Alfred as well, noble avenger Dubrovsky ... Among the large list of superbly performed characters is a true masterpiece in the creative biography of Ivan Kozlovsky - the image of the Holy Fool in the opera “Boris Godunov” by M. Mussorgsky. Life and creative activity of I.S. Kozlovsky is an example for anyone who has taken on the mission of being an artist and serving the people as his art”.

The biography of Ivan Kozlovsky is in the section “Authors”.

For the anniversary of the great singer, we have prepared a musical selection, digitized from gramophone records that are stored in the music library of the museum Collection on the Audio-Technica vinyl player.