Today we are marking the 210th birth jubilee of Frederic Chopin, the Polish composer of the romantic era

Chopin was a brilliant pianist. Alongside with Franz Liszt, he paved new ways for playing the piano, and enriched it with unprecedented techniques. Chopin did not create operas or oratorios; his attention was focused on the symphony orchestra. The composer wrote almost all works for the piano. The exception was the trio for violin, cello and piano that he composed in his youthhood, as well as several pieces for cello, including sonatas for cello and piano. Moreover, about two dozen charming lyrical songs, country dances: mazurkas and polonaises. Chopin’s polonaises are widespread poems of a heroic-epic or dramatic nature, in which he reflected his feelings about his beloved homeland.

One of Chopin's favorite kind of romantic piano lyrics was nocturne. His nocturnes are distinguished by the rare melodic beauty of lyrical content, some of which are imbued with bright dreamy moods, while others are mournful and melancholic.

Poland sacredly honors the memory of its great composer. Since 1927, named after Chopin International Competition has been held in Warsaw every 5 years.

To commemorate the great composer and pianist birth anniversary, we prepared musical selection of Chopin’s compositions, recorded and digitized from Duo-Art paper music rolls, which were played back on Reproducing grand piano "Steinway Duo-Art" (USA, 1926) and from gramophone records "Columbia" that are stored in the museum Collection library.

Biography of Frederic Chopin in the section Authors.