February announcement of the museum Collection events

Dear friends, we present the museum schedule of lectures and thematic excursions in February:

February 13 at 18:00 - lecture "Classical period of the National movie music from the museum Colletion music library"
The origin and development of the Russian sound motion cinema will be covered within the framework of the lecture. Museum Collection music library contains the unique gramophone recordings of the classical period soundtracks, which allow us to trace the transformation of cinema music in the 30s - 50s in the context of eminent movies, where the musical score already plays a key dramatic role. Combined with the original motion-picture image and the chronicle, these musical recordings, especially those related to the war years, colorfully narrate about the power of the song genre influence in the cinema on of the audience everyday life.

February 20 at 18:00 - lecture "Emil Galle and Rene Lalique: the magic of glass"
The lecture is dedicated to the creative work of two remarkable artists, glass masters. In the late 19th - early 20th centuries, these artisans brought the art of glassmaking to a brand new level. Emil Gallé and Rene Lalique became the innovators in working with various materials and were the outriders among the Art Nouveau artists. Dealing with glass allowed them to reveal all aspects of their creativity, to put on a series of experiments and ultimately record the variability and superior beauty of nature. Considering the masterpieces from the museum Collection exposition and other major museums, the lecture covers the technologies and working practices of the great glassmakers, whose achievements are implemented by the contemporary artisans as well.

February 27 at 18:00 - lecture “Dolls-automata. The mechanics of nature”

The lecture is devoted to the history of amusing automata. We will talk about the "golden age" of mechanics, outstanding inventors and their creations. Video-clips and several amusing automata in motion from the museum Collection repository will be demonstrated during the lecture.

February 26 at 15:00 - Themed tour "The history of mechanical sound recording"
From the tour "The history of mechanical sound recording", the audience will learn about the attempts to preserve the sounds of human speech and music. Musical sounds were encoded in the ancient times already; hence, the sounds of human voice were recorded by the end of the 19th century.

February 27 at 15.00 - Themed tour “Mechanical musical instruments in the museum Collection exposition”
From the tour “Mechanical musical instruments in the museum Collection exposition”, the audience will learn about the musical instruments that perform musical pieces without a musician's participation, about the predecessors of those instruments, about the types of sound sources, music records, modifications of drive mechanisms; the ways of preserving the performance technique nuances mastery of the well-known piano virtuoso before the era of sound recording.

Visiting lectures and themed excursions is possible only by appointment on the museum website. We draw your attention to the fact that due to the large flow of people who want to visit the museum, registration for the programs opens a month before the upcoming event. The site displays only the available dates and time of the visit. If you do not see the date you need in the schedule, this means that all places have already been booked.