365 years ago on November 9, Johann Christoph Weigel - the famous cartographer, engraver and publisher was born

Johann Christoph Weigel, known as Christoph Weigel, Senior - a jeweler, copper engraver, author of book illustrations and title pages, well-known cartographer, art dealer and publisher. In 1698, he founded his publishing house in Nuremberg and published over 70 books and many prints. His maps and magnificent engraved publications are known throughout the world. K. Weigel masterfully worked in the technique of chisel engraving was a brilliant master of line.

A  map of Transcaucasia from the historical atlas "Senca Historiarum Orientalis Quinti Seculi P.N. Chr." by Johann Christoph Weigel, dated around 1720 is stored in the section Maps.

Biography of Christoph Weigel is in the section Authors.