Weigel, Johann Christoph

Weigel, Johann Christoph (9 November 1654 – 5 February 1725)

Johann Christoph Weigel, known as Christoph Weigel the Elder, a jeweler, a copper engraver, a performer of book illustrations and title pages, known cartographer, art dealer and publisher.

In 1698, he founded his publishing house in Nuremberg and produced more than 70 books and a lot of engravings.

After the death of K. Weigel and before 1734 his publishing business was continued by his widow, she published many of her husband's works.

Most well-known are his publications with descriptions of ships, armory and a series of heraldic calendars.

On the Museum “Collection” website there is published his map of Transcaucasia from the historical atlas "Senca Historiarum Orientalis Quinti Seculi P.N. Chr.", dated around 1720. https://mus-col.com/collection/printed-products/map/7656/