October 25th is the birthday of Georges Bizet, the outstanding French composer of the 19th-century

The brightest progressive traditions of French culture were expressed by Georges Bizet’s works that were considered the highest point of realistic aspirations in French music of the 19th century.

The main creative achievements of Georges Bizet were associated with theater. The fascination for theater and stage schematonics, characteristic of French music in general, was very typical for Bizet. Once he said to Saint-Saëns, "I am not born for a symphony, I am dreaming of theater – I am nonentity without it". Bizet words were correct. Not the instrumental compositions brought him world fame, though their artistic perfections were undeniable, but his latest works – the music to the drama “L'Arlésienne” and opera “Carmen”. The genius of Bizet, his wise, clear and truthful mastery in showing the greatest drama of common people, colorful pictures of life, its bright and seamy sides, was fully revealed.

Saint-Saëns characterized Bizet with the following words, "He impersonates youth, strength, joy and courage". These qualities add special value to his compositions - a brave artist, who burnt himself out not reaching the age of thirty, Bizet stood out among the composers of the second half of the 19th century by his inexhaustible cheerfulness. His last works, primarily the opera “Carmen”, belong to the masterpieces of the world music literature.

The selected fragments from the opera “Carmen” performed by the outstanding pianists and recorded from the music media of the museum Collection are in the compilation dedicated to Georges Bizet birthday.

The composer biography is in the section Authors.

Source: M. Druskin, Belcanto.ru