Visit of the Society for Self-playing Musical Instruments delegation to the Museum Collection

Museum Collection hosted unusual guests today - the members of the international Society for Self-playing Musical Instruments (Gesellschaft für Selbstspielende Musikinstrumente eV). This international association was founded in 1975, the association enumerates about 600 members, and among them are many institutions such as musicological institutes and national libraries, but the major part of this society are collectors and lovers of these instruments.

The excursion program was very intense. All museum sections were shown to the guests, the work of various mechanical musical instruments was demonstrated - fair and barrel organs, player pianos, roller organs, organettes and harmoniums, singing birds and automata, great variety of clocks and objects with movement. After that, the group was introduced to the work of the museum Restoration Center, where artisans and craft professionals work.

The intensive and a pithy program ended with collective photography.

The guests were impressed and fascinated by what they saw and heard in the museum Collection, and the President of the society, Ralf Smolne, on behalf of all thirty members of the group thanked for warm welcome and expressed gratitude to the founder of the museum David Iakobachvili for the opportunity to see this unique collection.

Photo report from the event is in our photo gallery.