The 115th birth jubilee of the Russian sculptor Ivan Kovshenkov is marked in September

Ivan Fedorovich Kovshenkov - the son of a sculptor and bronze smith Fyodor Ivanovich Kovshenkov. He worked in the sphere of genre sculpture, made portraits to order and portrait figurines of army men, compositions related to military history. A significant part of his works is devoted to the events of the Crimean War of 1853-1856 and its illustrious heroes. Many military-related works were commissioned by the Imperial family members.

Figurines by Ivan Kovshenkov can be conveniently divided into two types. Some of them reflect the events of the Crimean War and depict soldiers – the heroes of the Russian army. These works were created in the 1850’s. Other sculptures created by the sculpture in the early 1860’s are of historical and ethnographic character. All works of Ivan Kovshenkov are carefully executed; clothes, weapons and other details are reliable. The statuettes attract the audience not only by interesting ethnographic features, but by faithfully conveyed appearance, bold characters and proud faces as well.

For the birthday of Ivan Kovshenkov, we have prepared a photo album, which presents the sculptor's works stored in the Museum COLLECTION. Sculptor's biography is in the section AUTHORS.

Source: O.A. Krivdina. Sculptors and their fates. Scientific reconstruction of creative biographies of Russian sculptors of the middle and second half of the 19th century. St. Petersburg, "Sudarynya" publishing house, 2006, p. 662