Kovshenkov, Ivan


Ivan Fedorovich Kovshenkov was born in 1824 in St. Petersburg, in the family of well-known bronze engraver Fedor Kovshenkov, the person of unusual destiny and extraordinary talent. He influenced the boy’s talent. From the early age, Ivan assisted his father at the workshop, learning the technique of the craft. In 1835, as an outside aprentice attended drawing classes at the Fine Arts Academy, from 1840 became an external student. He studied in P. Clodt's workshop. Later worked with him and assisted in creating monumental sculptures. In 1852 Kovshenkov graduated from the Arts Academy with the title of classless (class free) artist.

Lived in Petersburg. Worked as a genre sculptor, created bespoke portraits and portrait figurines of military offices, compositions depicting military history. Не created a number of figurines, presenting historical and ethnographic people types. Participated in the Arts Academy Exhibition (1855), the international exhibition in London (1862). In 1860 was titled by the rank of academician for “art and knowledge of sculptural applied arts”. From 1863 was employed in a small town, in 1871 returned to Petersburg. From 1875 lived in Moscow and quited sculpturing. The latest six years of his life Kovshenkov lived in the city called Holm, where passed away in 1898.