This year Moscow birthday is celebrated on the 7th - 8th of September

The staff of the Museum COLLECTION congratulates all citizens and guests of the capital on the upcoming holiday - Moscow city birthday.

Moscow City Day is always a bright and unforgettable holiday. In 2019, muscovites and guests of the capital will celebrate the 872th year of the capital foundation. During the festive days, as usual, a huge number of interesting and large-scale events will take place in the metropolis.

On the eve of the capital birthday, the museum Collection have prepared a photo album that makes it possible to take a time trip through the streets and squares of the city. The photographs and postcards included in the album allow us to present the detailed and all-embracing presentation of old Moscow, to admire the ancient city landscape, which has preserved its distinctiveness and recognition through centuries. Fine-art photography combines the image veracity with photographer’s sophisticated sense of style that determines the entire process of creating a photograph, from the choice of location and time to printing a photograph. No less creative were the authors of postcards. Views of Moscow comprise important place in the total volume of their publication. Picture postcards convey a unique image of Moscow at the end of the 19th century, when the first postcards were published in Russia, as well as urban scenes and landscapes of the early 20th century.

The Museum Collection repository features photographs of the famous Moscow photo shops and a series of postcards with Moscow views. They reliably reflect the history of Moscow beginning from the 60’s of the 19th century up to the late 20th century.

These are albums and photo compilations “Views of Moscow” - View of the Kremlin and the Bolshoi Kamenniy Bridge, Voskresenskaya Square, Tverskaya Zastava Square. Triumphal Gate”, Cast-iron Bridge on the Vodootvodny Canal and many others.

Moreover, a series of postcards "The Vanishing Moscow" with the views of Moscow at the beginning of the 20th century are stored in the Museum Collection fund. Among them are The Art Theater and Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry, Kazanskiy and Kurskiy Railway Stations, Tverskaya, Povarskaya, Petrovka and Nikitskaya streets, Lubyanka Square, Kuznetsky Bridge, Strastnoy and Nikitskiy Boulevard, The Filippovs’ bakery, Hotels Moscow, Berlin, Billo and Metropol, Restaurant Strelna, Alexeevskiy Monastery, Barricades at Seleznevskaya Street, Bridge of the Moscow Railway Ring, the Tretyakovs House at Pyatnitskaya, The View from the Smolenskiy Market Street and many others. Moreover, museum Collection features the unique five-part panoramic postcard booklet comprised of 20 postcards with the views of Moscow.

Well-known publishers issued postcards at the end of the 19th   and in the 20th centuries. The Northern Art Publishing House; Scherer, Nabgolts and Co.; Granberg, P. Von-Hirgenson Publishing House, Labor Cooperative Association publishing house “Myth”.

Some of the photos are presented on the Museum’s website in the section PRINTS.

Moscow Historical Look. Album. R.A. Lyubimtsev, V.A. Mikhailov, N.A. Muzalevskaya, I.A. Patseva, A.V. Cherniy. Publishing house "Fine art”. 1997.