Meeting of the Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus with the representatives of Russian business was held in the Museum Collection


On July 2, a series of events dedicated to the Moscow visit of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Professor of Economics Muhammad Yunus were held. Muhammad Yunus is the ideological inspirer and practitioner in the sphere of development and social entrepreneurship support.

Today’s morning, the press conference on the topic “Social entrepreneurship in Russia - the future of the country” was held in the IMA “Russia Today” press center. Professor Yunus, the representatives of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Foundation “Our Future”, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the State Duma and the Bank of Russia took part in the event.

In the afternoon, at the invitation of the RUIE President A. Shokhin, Professor Yunus met with representatives of Russian business, which was organized by the RUIE and was held in the Museum “COLLECTION” of David Iakobachvili - the member of the RUIE Board of Directors, Chairman of the RUIE Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Executive Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, A. Murychev welcomed the guests. The representatives of business associations and employers' organizations, the major Russian companies and financial organizations, including the Bank of Russia, educational institutions and charitable foundations were among them.

It is very symbolic that the meeting was held in the private Museum “COLLECTION” were the participants spoke about transforming social investments, responsible business and the special role of businessmen that are focused on creation. The Museum is the eloquent testimony of such social investment that reforms the world and cultural landscape.

The participants highly appreciated the special atmosphere of the meeting, interesting and meaningful dialogue with Muhammad Yunus, the unique collection of the Museum “COLLECTION” by David Iakobachvili and warm welcome.

To commemorate the meeting, all participants of the event were presented with the book signed by the Professor Yunus “The World of Three Zeros. How to cope with poverty, unemployment and environmental pollution”. The book was translated in Russian by the Foundation“ Our Future”

Photo report about the event in our Photo Gallery.