Today we are celebrating the 305th jubilee of Christoph Gluck - the greatest opera composer

Christoph Willibald von Gluck was born on July 2, 1714. Today we celebrate his 305th birth anniversary.

Christoph Willibald von Gluck was a great opera composer who reformed Italian opera-seria and French lyric tragedy in the second half of the 18th century. The great mythological opera, which was experiencing an acute crisis at that time, acquired in the creative work of Gluck the quality of an authentic musical tragedy, filled with strong passions, spiritualizing the ethical ideals of loyalty, duty, readiness for self-sacrifice.

Directed selection and concentration of musical-dramatic characteristics, strict coordination of large composition links - these are the most important discoveries of Gluck, which were of great importance both for updating operatic dramaturgy and for the asserting new, symphonic thinking.

Musical selection dedicated to the 305th birth jubilee of Christoph Willibald Gluck is in our Sound Library.

The biography of the composer is in the section AUTHORS.

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