Working meetings with The Musical Box Society representatives were held in the Museum on May 20- 22, 2019

 On May 20-22, Museum COLLECTION welcomed the members of the Musical Box Society International.
Peter and Anna Ruf, Arlette Baud, Michel Bourgoz, Hans-Peter and Oliver Kyburz, Peter and Sonja Bernard, Mike Moran (Switzerland); Peter and Katja Schuhknecht (Germany); Jean-Marc Lebout and Martine Geudevert (Belgium); Michel and Colette Trémouille (France); Jack Henley and Aiman Al-Rabea (United Kingdom); Andreas and Robin Szekely (Sweden) were among the guests. Guided tours were held for collectors and restorers guests during their visit. The main task was to acquaint the guests with the items from the Museum Collection funds, share the best practices and discuss the exhibits’ restoration process.

Museum staff and experts, representatives of the leading European companies and members of the international community “Musical Box Society” attended the professional sessions at the site of the Restoration Center and exposition.

During the sessions, special attention was paid to the discussion of clock movements, design features of some items from the collection of self-playing musical objects. Such exchange of competencies and practical developments is certainly of great importance for the Restoration Center and the Museum Collection development.

The founder of the Museum Collection, David Iakobachvili warmly welcomed the participants, wished them success and patience in the sophisticated creative work of searching and preserving rare instruments and unique items of historical and cultural value, sometimes reflecting the history of entire states and, of course, of interest to the future generations.

Video report about the event is in our VIDEO LIBRARY.