June 1, 2019 is the 215th jubilee since Michail Glinka birth, the founder of the Russian National Opera

Mikhail Glinka is the Russian composer, the founder of the Russian national opera, the author of the world famous operas “A Life for the Tsar” (Ivan Susanin) and “Ruslan and Ludmila”.

M. Glinka was the first person, whom Russian musical culture ranked as a composer of world significance. Relying on the centuries-old traditions of Russian folk and professional music, achievements and experience of European art, Glinka completed the process of forming the national school of composition, which captured one of the leading places in the European culture the 19th century.

Glinka expressed the progressive ideological aspirations of the time in his works. His works are imbued with the ideas of patriotism and faith in the people. Like A. Pushkin, Glinka anthems the beauty of life, the triumph of reason, goodness and justice. He created art, so harmonious, beautiful and perfect, that is deserved global admiration.

To commemorate the composer’s birthday we prepared a musical selection comprised of his creative works recorded from musical media stored in the Museum Collection.
Biography of the composer is in the section AUTHORS.