On April 18 we are celebrating the 200th birth anniversary of Franz von Suppe, the founder of the Austrian operetta

Franz von Suppé was the founder of the Austrian operetta. In his work, he combined some of the achievements of the French operetta (Offenbach) with the traditions of purely Viennese folk art - the Singspiel, the magic farcical play. Suppe music unites a generous melody of the Italian character, Viennese dance and the waltz rhythms. His operettas are notable for their wonderfully developed musical dramaturgy, vivid depiction of all characters, variety of forms, verging towards the operatic ones.

He created thirty-one operettas, a number of Masses, Requiem, several cantatas, a symphony, overtures, quartets, romances and choirs. All in all Franz won Suppe wrote more than two thousand various works. These are mainly songs, choirs and romances. He is also the author of numerous symphonies and concert overtures.

He wrote about 30 operettas and comic operas for the theater, of which the most famous are Boccaccio, Beautiful Galatea, and Fatinitza. His magnificent overtures are performed even more often than the corresponding operettas and operas.

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