Spring music album timed to the 8th of March is in our Sound library

On the eve of the spring holiday, we prepared musical compilation comprised of songs and compositions stored on the musical records in the Museum Collection.

The musical selection is composed of works performed and recorded by famous American composers and vocalists of the second half of the 20th century. You will hear the voices of Johnny Burnette, Ritchie Valens, Jerry Lee Lewis, Freddy Cannon, and Del Shannon, duet The Everly Brothers, De Clarke and Nat King Cole.

Below is brief background information.

American composer and vocalist Johnny Burnette is considered the pioneer of rockabilly music - in 1956, he became a member of The Rock and Roll Trio, one of the first groups of this genre. Subsequently, the artist continued his solo career, focusing on creating popular music. “You're sixteen” of 1960 was among the compositions with which Burnett creative work was associated. The authors were Robert and Richard Sherman. The composition served as a soundtrack in “American Graffiti” by George Lucas in1973. The 1960 song “Dreaming” also brought the artist a golden disc and reached the eleventh line of the top US charts Billboard hot 100.

Ritchie Valens - American singer and composer, whose professional career lasted for eight months only. Valens was born in the Mexican family. He expressed his passion for Mexican folklore motifs through the prism of rock and roll music, thus becoming one of the pioneers of Chicano-rock. In 1958, Bob Keane, head of Del-fi records, spotted a young talent. 500,000 copies of Richie’s first single “Come on, let’s go” was sold. In 1959, Valens released the second record, on one side of which the song Donna was recorded, and - the legendary La bamba was on the other side. Richie Valens died tragically at the age of 18, leaving a deep imprint on the history of musical culture.

The name of the rock and roll genre founder, musician Jerry Lee Lewis is familiar to many music fans. His creative work is of great importance for the formation of the genre. The hit, included in the presented music selection, "Whole Lotta Shakin 'Goin' On" was released in 1957; the artist international career started from it. The song was recorded at the beginning of Lewis' creative way. It was preceded by the hit "Crazy Arms" recorded in the Sun records studio and issued in the amount of 300 thousand copies. More songs followed later - "Great Balls of Fire", "Breathless" and "High School Confidential". In 1963, he ceased cooperation with the Sun Records, and by the end of the 60’s he turned to the country genre. In 1986, the musician was honored to become one of the first members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Freddy Cannon was the American vocalist and guitarist who became one of the pioneers of the rock and roll genre. The hit "Tallahassee Lassie" of 1959, written following his mother’s text brought him the national wide success. The first version of the song was rejected by Several record companies, however, thanks to Dick Clark recommendations, co-owner of the Swan Records in Philadelphia, the music was refined. Record sales exceeded one million copies, for which the artist received his first golden disc. One of the most popular hits of Cannon - "Palisades Park" appeared in May 1962, in collaboration with the Swan records producer, Frank Slay. The record was sold in the circulation exceeding two million copies, bringing the artist another golden disc.

The incredible voice of Jerry Butler did not leave indifferent the listeners - rich deep baritone amazes with the richness of colors, making the artist recognizable among his contemporaries. After moving to Chicago in his youthful years Butler, along with Arthur and Richard Brooks and Sam Gooden, organized the band The Roosters. In 1957, it was renamed Jerry Butler and the Impressions. In 1958, the composition "For Your Precious Love" was released at the studio Vee-Jay Records. It became the singer's trademark. It entered the rating of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time” according to the Rolling Stone magazine, taking the 335th position. Later, the musician began a solo career and released many popular hits, including "He Will Break Your Heart", "Find Another Girl", "I'm A-Telling You".

Del Shannon was the pseudonym of the American musician Charles Weedon Westover. In 1958, keyboard player Max Crook was accepted into the band The Big Little Show Band, led by Westover. He invented a new musical instrument - musitron (the advanced synthesizer), which brought new shades to the sound of the team. In 1960, there was a proposal for collaboration with the studio Big Top. The composition “Runaway” of 1961 became his main hit with the musitron being the leading instrument. In 1961, the singer wrote the song “Hats off to Larry”.

The American duet The Everly Brothers combined the features of rock and roll and country music in their performances. Brothers who took the stage pseudonyms Don and Phil Everly attracted the attention of a family friend, RCA studio manager Victor in Nashville, Chet Atkins, who helped them to become professionals. The band’s first hit was the 1957 song “Bye Bye Love” by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant. The record was sold in millions of copies and brought the team wide recognition throughout the country. In collaboration with the Bryants, other popular songs of the duo were released, including "All I Have To Do Is Dream", "Wake Up Little Susie," "Bird Dog". The composition of 1958 "All I Have to Do Is Dream" rating of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time” according to the Rolling Stone magazine, number 142 and took the second line of the hit parade of the Billboard hot 100 of 1958.

Dee Clark - a popular American soul singer, the flowering of which fell in the 50-60 years of the 20th century. The composition Raindrops became the major for his career – it headed the USA top charts and brought a golden disc to the performer, million copies of it were sold in 1961. Thanks to this hit, the singer gained international fame. The rest of Clark's compositions did not repeat the overwhelming success of Raindrops.

American singer, who opened the way for other Afro-American singers in the show business, was Nat King Cole. The artist gained the popularity in 1943 by recording a song with the elements of Afro folklore motifs "Straighten Up and Fly Right". Sold by the Capitol Records in the amount of half million copies, it quickly won the hearts of listeners. The ballad of 1950 "Mona Lisa" won the first line of the American charts and was sold in the amount of three million copies. The singer recorded many Christmas songs, his version of the song “Merry Christmas to You” is the most performed all over the world up to this day.