January 31 is the birthday of Franz Schubert - Austrian composer, one of the founders of romanticism in music

Franz Schubert was the first great romantic composer, the author of more than 600 vocal compositions, seven symphonies, as well as a large number of chamber and solo piano compositions.

Schubert's works still have not lost their popularity and are among the most famous examples of classical music.

Poetic love and pure joy of life, despair and coldness of solitude, seeking of high ideal, thirst for vagrancy and hopelessness of wanderings - all those feelings were reflected in the composer's creative work, in his spontaneously and naturally flowing melodies. The emotional openness of the romantic worldview and the spontaneity of expression raised the genre of song to the unprecedented highness. This genre, formerly an accessory one, became the basis of the artistic world in Schubert’s creative work.

We have prepared the musical selection compiled of Schubert compositions recorded from the music media that are stored in the Museum Collection fund.

Franz Schubert biography is in the section AUTHORS.