January 20 is the birthday of Joseph Hoffman, an outstanding pianist and a gifted inventor

Joseph Hofmann is deservedly considered one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century. A brilliant technique, innate sense of rhythm and sophisticated musical flair allowed him to play with incredible power and strength, and thanks to his excellent memory and absolute pitch, he remembered the works that he played once. His manner of performance became the benchmark of piano mastery. The pianist’s repertoire was immense, mostly works that represented the heritage of the first half of the 19th century, from Beethoven to Liszt. Very often, Hoffmann included Chopin’s compositions in his programs and performed them — especially waltzes and mazurkas — with genuine perfection.

Joseph Hoffmann personality continues to inspire musicians for professional accomplishments and delight listeners with its exquisiteness and refinement up to the present days.

Hoffman is the author of about one hundred works and two books on the art of playing the piano: “Tips for Young Pianists” and “Piano Playing: With Piano Questions Answered".

The pianist was one of the first musicians in the history who recorded his performance in 1887 on a phonograph. Large number Hofmann concert performances were recorded and survived to our days.

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