December 18, 1860 is the birthday of Edward MаcDowell, American pianist, composer of the Romantic era

Compositions by McDowell are mostly related to the piano.

The selection, prepared to commemorate the birthday of Edward McDowell, includes his five piano pieces.

Among them are: Joy of autumn from New England Idylls, Op.62, No. 10; An old love story from Fireside Tales, Op.61, No. 1; From Uncle Remus from the Woodland Sketches, Op.51, No. 7; The eagle from Four Little Poems, Op. 32, No. 1; Schattentanz (Shadow Dance) from 12 Etudes, Op.39, No. 8.

MacDowell’s composing style is reflected in full play in his piano miniatures that have become classics of the American music. The romantic musical style of his works is decorated with folk motifs. The author tries to convey his impressions and moods caused by the scenes of life and nature.

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