International Tea Day is celebrated on December 15. Photo album dedicated to this day is posted in our Photo Gallery

According to statistics, tea is the most popular non-alcoholic drink in the world after drinking water. Tea will warm you if it is cold, refresh, if it is hot, it will cheer you up, if you are upset and calm you down, if you are excited - noted William Gladstone (1809-1898), English writer and statesman.

It is quite natural that a huge number of admirers of the flavored drink, as well as its producers, got a holiday, which is called the International Tea Day.

The World Tea holiday was established relatively recently, in 2005. The idea of its establishment was in the air for many years. Following the discussions during two World Social Forums, which took place in 2004 in India and in 2005 in Brazil, this idea was implemented. Since then, the International Tea Day is celebrated on December 15, and especially widely - in the countries with the age-old traditions of tea production and their own tea culture.

Today it seems surprising that the holiday of the favorite drink of millions of people at the planet appeared relatively recently, since tea was known to humanity for several thousand years. In many countries, brewing a healthy and invigorating drink, as well as tea drinking itself, grew into a ritual, called a tea ceremony.

Brewing tea is akin to art. Thousands of schools where people are taught how to brew tea and organize a tea ceremony exist in different countries. Tea come into the culture of many nations as a national drink, forming special traditions associated with its use.

It is quite natural that the International Tea Day falls on December, since it is the time when the harvesting period on tea plantations ends. In addition, on December 15, the World Declaration of Tea Industry workers rights was adopted.

Most massively, the International Tea Day is celebrated in the countries that are its world's leading producers, primarily in India, China, Kenya Indonesia and Sri Lanka. However, other countries of the Southeast Asia and Africa, which are also major tea producers, do not stay away from this holiday.

In Russia, this day is not yet widely celebrated, but there is no doubt that the flavored drink is very popular in our country. Exhibitions, workshops and educational events dedicated to the tea art and the culture of its drinking are timed to the tea holiday.

Tea culture related exhibits are stored in the Museum Collection.  Photo album dedicated to this day is posted in our Photo Gallery.

Based on materials from Teaxy.ru – site about tea and everything connected with it