Exhibition "The New Year Fuss" is starting in the All Russian Decorative Art Museum

As a follow up to the tradition of the annual New Year exhibitions, we invite you to the thematic exhibition in the All Russian Decorative Art Museum.

The exhibition of antique dolls and mechanisms from the museum Collection will be opened on December 07, 2018. More than forty items, including amusing automata and various mechanical musical objects will be exhibited.

This winter, the old mansion of Count Ostermann will plunge into the atmosphere of the New Year miracle. As if by magic ancient porcelain dolls “come to life”, the visitors will have the opportunity to see in action the ancient jacquemars and automata, which served for entertainment in the houses of rich people in the 19th century.

Mechanical musical instruments and objects were very popular in the past centuries, combining the exact sciences and creative imagination. In this “frivolous” union the brilliance of technical thought, entertaining stage shows, sophistication of theater performance and artistic solutions merged.

Automata in luxurious clothes with complicated mechanisms and musical devices are busy doing different things: a blond fashionmonger with a powder puff and a mirror preens, a dark-skinned young man plays the banjo, clown-equilibrist performs a trick, and the conjurer builds grimaces. It was he who started the New Year fuss.

All these objects still attract and fascinate the viewers. They will not leave you indifferent as well!

The exhibition will be open until January 20, 2017.

More details are on the site of the All Russian Decorative Art Museum.

Photo-report from the exhibition opening is our Photo Gallery.